Abduction Fantasy Play Includes BDSM Bondage Sex

This blonde whore always had the fantasy of being abducted by abusive strangers. They would take her back to their dungeon and have their way with her, not caring about her feelings or if she was hurt. So with this in mind, one day she put an ad into the local paper, under the adult classifieds. But little was she to know that some men read it and decided to do it for real. Watching her from their dark van as she walked home from a night on the town, they wait till she is out of site from prying eyes. They drive the van slowly by her as she staggers home. The side door is rolled open and they pounce. Roughly a black bag is over her head and it is only removed once they are back at their apartment. With the video camera out, as they did for past women sex slaves, everything will be filmed.

picture of two men with their hooded and bound sex slave in an abduction fantasy