Female Slave Hung Upside Down and Caned

Upside down and with both her legs held in chains, this woman is yet another in the dominating man’s collection of submissive sluts her tortures in his dungeon. Both of her are beautiful, just like the sluts from models tied galleries. Their restrained legs are spread wide apart and a cold metal dildo is inserted deep into her snatch. At the other end her wrists are bound with hard leather and attached is an iron ball, which is used as a weight to stop her moving about. To add to the intense sexual pleasure, he begins caning her backside. With each strike of the bamboo stick she shudders in pain. Bright red welts soon appear on her fleshy backside but there is nothing she can do. Her only choice is to take the pain that is delivered with each stroke.

picture of a submissive slut hung upside down and caned with bamboo


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